We live in an era of globalization and of surcharge of information. Environmental crisis with its consequences on soul is there. Nevertheless, the Man remains this being who wonders about ideas concerning Eternal and Beauty. My artistic work has as for object to question these themes under a documentary or intimate form and through different mediums. I working with a wide range of media, in particular virtual reality, digital art and neon. Lives and works in Kyiv.



2018. Nature vs Architecture. American House. Kyiv. Ukraine
2018. New Old. Institut français d’Ukraine. Kyiv. Ukraine
2017. Save us. Invogue gallery. Odessa. Ukraine
2015. …The Last. Bereznitsky Aesthetics. Kyiv. Ukraine



2020. Is the ritual equal to routine? ArtSvit Gallery. Dnepr

2020. CADAF. Digital Art Fair

2019. Exodus. Kyiv History Museum

2019. Museum of dematerialized porceliane figurines. OFAM. Odessa

2018. Summer Show. Voloshyn Gallery. Kyiv. Ukraine
2018. Art Incubator. Izolyatsia. Platform for Cultural Initiatives. Kyiv. Ukraine
2018. More Then Sculpture. Art Ukraine Gallery. Kyiv. Ukraine
2017. Be Positive. American house. Kyiv. Ukraine
2017. Code Art Fair. August 31 – September 3. Copenhagen. Denmark
2017. Art / Work. Mysteskyi Arsenal. Kyiv. Ukraine
2017. Save us. Kyiv Art Week. Kyiv. Ukraine
2016. Burn, Babylon. Special project GogolFEST. Kyiv. Ukraine
2016. Social Meditation. Kyiv Art Week. Kyiv. Ukraine
2016. Trust me if you can’t. SABSAY gallery. Copenhagen
2016. Roger Pic Prize. Short List. France
2015. The Revolution of Dignity. Woodrow Wilson Center. Project. Washington. USA
2014. Freedom Detection. Mysteskyi Arsenal. ART-KYIV Contemporary IX. Project.
2014. Multimedia project [UN]MOVED. Mysteskyi Arsenal. ART-KYIV Contemporary IX.
2014. Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine. “CREDIBILITY THEORY”
2013. Industrial Eden. Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine. Kyiv. Ukraine.
2013. “Depressurization of the Museum of the Universe”. Luhansk Regional Museum. Luhansk. Ukraine.
2012. Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine. “Rhythm Section”. Kyiv. Ukraine.
2012. Festival “I love Kiev”. Kyiv. Ukraine.
2012. Lavra Gallery . «The New Picture of Kiev ». Kyiv. Ukraine.



2013 February / June. New Art School «Media Art for Practitioners ». Kyiv. Ukraine.
2005 / 2011. National Institute of Applied Art and Design of Mychailo Boychuk. Kyiv. Ukraine. Master’s Degree in Graphic Design.



“With the help of pure photography, we are able to make portraits that show their subjects absolutly truthfully and in their whole psychology … I hope to give a true psychology on our time and our people ”.

August Sander, 1925.

Every photographic portrait pursues a balance between the psychological interest of person and the sociological interest he represents. Making a portrait is always a complex decision because the resulting image contributes to determine how you are perceived. With these two last thoughts and with the creation of these collaborative and interactive relationships between the photographed and the photographer, this is where I place my approach to portrait photography.

Julia Beliaeva born in 1988. Gysin, Vinnitsky region. Ukraine. Lives and works in Kyiv. Ukraine.