Portraits at Kiev National Cancer Institut


Photo session was performed in Kiev National Cancer Institute, Department of Pediatric Oncology. More than 11 thousand people including more than 600 children receive medical care in the clinic of the Institute annually. The problem of pediatric oncology is one of the most important problems of our modern society.

Late diagnosis, lack of money for treatment, lack of access to modern medical technologies – all this leads to a high rate mortality in Ukraine.

Psychological condition and beauty

With the help of these photos I am trying to express the psychological condition of children during their struggle with this disease. Despite the difficulties in everyday life, children try to forget about the disease though they do not consider themselves recovering. Unlike adults, children do not lose hope and optimism. That was what I tried to demonstrate by the beauty of the children’s faces.

Prints and unity

The disease imposes prints: hair loss, loss of eyelashes and eyebrows, pale skin, thinness… This leads to practically no visual difference between boys and girls, uniting them in the fight against the disease.


Facts and Details

As an addition to the portraits, hospital life is also demonstrated here: ampoules, tablets, and infusion systems. All that reminds us in what a difficult condition the children are. And it warns us about the presence of disease.

The purpose of this photo project is to increase awareness of this social problem. Recovery and rehabilitation of these children is completely dependent on the support of society and government.


Nikon D800